The Portico of Glory

A masterpiece of the universal history of art, currently mutilated by the reforms carried out in its façade. Master Mateo developed in the Portico a program of apocalyptic and salvific content incorporating a new architectural and sculptural language that led to a Galician art with its own identity.
The Portico of Glory

The Portico of Glory

Obra mestra da historia da arte universal, actualmente móstrase mutilado polas reformas realizadas na súa fachada. O Mestre Mateo desenvolve, no Pórtico, un programa de contido apocalíptico e salvífico incorporando unha nova linguaxe arquitectónica e escultórico que...

Mullion of the Portico of Glory

Mullion of the Portico of Glory

Master Mateo and his workshop. Ca. 1188. Granite and marble The mullion can be found in the central part of the Portico, holding the great tympanum where the Glory presided by Christ the redeemer of Man and triumphant over death is represented. It is formed by a thick...

The restoration of the Pórtico de la Gloria has been possible thanks to the patronage of the Fundación Barrié


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